My name is Clare Drewell and I live in North Lincolnshire.

My interest in Wildlife photography started in 2010 when I started visiting the local Nature Reserve's with my camera. I work part time as a dispenser but try to get out whenever I have got the time (weather permitting!!)
I enjoy bird photography, especially birds in flight which I find very challenging and I also enjoy macro photography in the summer especially Dragonflies, Damselflies and Butterflies.

My camera is a Canon 7d and my Wildlife lenses that I mainly use are a Canon 500mm f4 (with a Canon 1.4 convertor), a Canon 400mm f5.6 and a Sigma 150mm macro lens.

My local patch is Far Ings Nature Reserve and Water's Edge Country Park which are both very near to my home. In the summer I go to Messingham Sand Quarries which is a very good place for Dragonflies and Butterflies.

I still have and awful lot to learn not just about photography but also the Wildlife too, but I have met some very helpful people along the way and I have also made some very good friends :)

Thank you for looking.